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Adapting To The World of Virtual Medicine

Medicine is constantly adapting to the world around us. Scientific data, new processes, and technology are introduced into the industry every single day. Most changes are improvements and discoveries; however, sometimes change is necessary to survive.  

The COVID-19 pandemic showed every industry how quickly things need to adapt during such a situation. Today, many industries will feel the effects of “catching up” for years to come.  

Where there is evolution, there is growth. Medical institutions everywhere are implementing the necessary solutions for the quickly approaching future and continue to find that not only are they catching up faster than they thought, but they are developing revolutionary ideas deemed to be years away from reality.  

One of these institutions is the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc., better known as HIMSS.  

HIMSS is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem. Their mission is to reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.  

Recently they have taken the next step toward that mission and partnered with to make their education and networking opportunities more readily available to their network of over 100,000+ members.  

Virtual career fairs, informational webinars, large hybrid international conferences, networking events, educational speakers, and more all taking place in the Vsummits virtual world.  

The platform provides a more engaging and community-like environment than other existing applications that can provide a static experience for attendees. If the goal of an event is to keep the viewers engaged and educated, then there needs to be a way to prevent “burnout.” 

Director of Emerging Technology and Health Innovation, Tampa General Hospital, says, “Vsummits is a digital events pioneer for the future of virtual events. After being on Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings all week, it was enjoyable to participate in the 2-day event powered by Vsummits. ” 

Not only are large institutions like HIMSS reaping the benefits of virtual events, non-profit organizations and small businesses can also help their attendees stay safe and informed through these platforms. hopes to help create a better virtual world for everyone and make accessibility the standard.  

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