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Our Top Three Favorite Virtual Fundraiser Ideas

Daylight savings is here, and as we regrettably lose an hour with setting our clocks forward, it’s a reminder to jump ahead and start planning your next virtual event.  Springtime is a great season to start planning your fundraisers and galas! If you haven’t pivoted your plans to include a virtual fundraising strategy, now is the time.

Here are a few of my favorite virtual fundraising ideas: 

Virtual Happy Hour

This is my favorite and can be easy to put together and can be as casual or as elegant as you would like.   All you need is the Vsummits virtual conferencing platform, and a loose schedule of conversation topics.  We can come up with a list of fun-themed drinks and snacks to suggest to attendees or provide live demo’s from chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers.

We can set up your registration form to include a sign-up fee to reserve their space or ask for a donation for attendance.  Consider hosting monthly virtual happy hours to give all of your supporters a chance to join in the fun.

Virtual Gala

Virtual Gala’s allow your attendees to get dressed up and listen to your keynote speaker or headline entertainment from the comfort of their own couch! You could share a meal or beverage over the Vsummits virtual video platform and contribute to their favorite fundraiser.

Or maybe you hold a Virtual Silent Auction for added revenue. The Vsummits team can help you coordinate the auction that you can open early and potentially keep it running after your virtual event ends to fully engage supporters.

Virtual Movie Night 

A movie night fundraiser allows participants from across the world to watch a movie and chat together. For your virtual fundraiser, consider making it a themed event by choosing a film or documentary that coincides with your theme. Send out beverages or customized snacks for those that purchase tickets.  Once you have a party set up, promote it on social media, and sell tickets online with all proceeds going to your favorite charity.

If you would like more information on planning your next Virtual Fundraiser please schedule a demo with me today!

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